Showing the McAfee SECURE logo results in a higher conversion ratio on  your website. Not only for sales but also more visitors will have confidence in entering their privacy sensitive information on your website.

The higher conversion ratio is of course based on more trust. Not everyone believes this effect of the McAfee SECURE logo. That’s why we challenge you to perform a reality test on your own website with your own visitors. 

With the McAfee SECURE AB-test, that’s exactly what you do.

How does the McAfee SECURE AB-test work?

Normally the McAfee SECURE logo is being displayed in real-time on your website, based on the security status of your website. Every new page view (or refresh) means a new generated McAfee SECURE logo. This is also the basis of our AB-test. 

With the AB-test switched on we show the McAfee SECURE logo to 50% of your visitors and the other 50% will not see the McAfee SECURE logo. Whenever a visitor makes a purchase, it’s registered by McAfee SECURE together with the status of the McAfee SECURE logo (shown/not shown). This objective gathered statistical information proves subsequently how much higher sales you realized by displaying the McAfee SECURE logo!

All the test results can be followed realtime in your online McAfee SECURE dashboard. The results are displayed in several graphics and can be downloaded as CSV-file. 

With the right implementation you even can have your own order-id’s back in our CSV-file to check whether our results are 100% equal to your own order database. 

Cost of the McAfee SECURE AB-test

The McAfee SECURE AB-test costs only € 350,= (one-time fee) and will last for a maximum of one month.

The AB-test contains:


  • Initial setup of your McAfee SECURE account
  • Actual scanning of your website for vulnerabilities (trust is always based on security!)
  • Placing of the McAfee SECURE logo on your website
  • Placing of the HTML-code to report to McAfee SECURE the successful purchases
  • Processing and showing the statistic information & graphs
  • Support during the AB-test period